Moving to USA – In need of tips in several areas.


I’m moving in with my fiancé and we’re getting married soon. I haven’t lived in the US before so this is all new to me. I’m gonna need a bit of assistance when it comes to picking / choosing banks, phone-providers, and general stuff which can be tricky to figure out due to the amount of bloat-information these companies provide.

(We will live in Boston, MA)

I’m a person who prioritises paying less for less.

Topics I think I need help with:

Bank account?- Which bank?- Type of account?- Joint bank accounts?- Credit card? (I always pay my credit card bils on time, so the interest on debts shouldn’t be taken into account here)- What to do with money I want to save? I currently invest in stocks/bonds in my current country. They have a good system when it comes to taxing on your savings, which is pretty fair. Is there a good investment-plattform you can recommend?

Phone-service-provider?– Which one? I have a phone already, but I’m gonna need an American phone-number- Family plan? Can me and my fiancé get a family plan to save money together?

Taxes– Should we tax combined or separately? I will be making more than her, and our combined salary won’t be above 200k per year.

Other– Anything else I should think about? I’m assuming healthcare is provided through work and I’ll ask my future employer about family plans

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