In Noah Hawley’s astronaut drama Lucy in the Sky, the aspect ratio is the real star

Photo: Fox Searchlight Pictures

TV creator and writer Noah Hawley made his name working on shows that try to stretch the medium’s boundaries. Even given the cinematic style of much buzzy 2010s television programming, his series Fargo and Legion both clearly have a foot in the film world, from their source materials (Coen Brothers movies for Fargo; X-Men lore adapted into blockbusters for Legion) to their movie-star casting and their widescreen / split-screen / big-screen style. Watching any given episode, it’s easy to wonder whether Hawley really just wants to be making movies.

Now he has: Lucy in the Sky is a psychological drama that employs plenty of his favorite visual tricks, especially with the size of the frame. Lucy Cola (Natalie Portman) is an astronaut…

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