Letter from debt collector for a vehicle I don’t own in a state I don’t live in anymore

Location: NV and/or WV Hope this goes here rather than legaladvice.

Background: Moved to Nevada from West Virginia in February 2016. About a year ago, received a letter from a debt collector, said they’d contracted with the county in wv I lived, attempting to collect on personal property tax, for vehicles for both myself and my wife. Seemed (still seems) legitimate. In the craziness of the move, it appeared we’d not paid about 500 dollars in past vehicle taxes. Felt like they could have done more to contact me, but whatever, it was my debt. Did a monthly payment plan, no interest added, and got it taken care about 4 months ago.

Now: my mother calls me, says they’ve received a letter at childhood address from the same debt collector saying I owe 700 dollars on the same vehicle. It’s from tax year 2016. I looked up the debt on the tax assessors website and sure enough: they say I owe them a full years tax for the vehicle.

But: In tax year 2016, I owned and paid taxes on that vehicle in Nevada. Really not sure what my next steps should be.

I’m sure I’m leaving out pertinent information, and I’m happy to answer clarifying questions. I simply don’t want to pay taxes on the same vehicle twice, and I also don’t want to do anything with this debt collector to “reset the clock”, imply guilt, etc.

Any guidance appreciated.

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