Leave De la Guerra Plaza Untouched

The Santa Barbara City Council should not remake historic De la
Guerra Plaza. This lawn plaza in the heart of Santa Barbara is an important
part of our city’s history and present. Many rallies and other events are held
in De la Guerra Plaza, including El Mercado during Fiesta. Where would these
activities be relocated?

Asphalt, concrete, or pavers in De la Guerra Plaza would make it
much less usable for community events. A hardscape would also not be consistent
with the Plaza as it developed for more than 150 years.

Santa Barbara benefits from landmarks that are similar from
generation to generation. Change and improvements are always welcome but not
complete renovation. The history of De la Guerra Plaza and the adjacent Casa de
la Guerra precede Santa Barbara and California’s entrance into the United
States. An essential part of community history would be lost if the current
plans for De la Guerra Plaza are constructed.

Please keep historic De la Guerra Plaza!

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