Landlord flooded our apartment. Any advice would be helpful!

My wife and I leave to go swimming for a few hours. When we get back our landlord has his hose out on the lawn full blast. We live in a duplex basement and he lives in the upper floor. The water went down our steps and the drain was clogged. (Which we’ve told him multiple times that water wasn’t draining and had him turn his water off before it floods and fix it.) When we get home around 6 we see the puddle of water at the bottom of our steps and I slowly open the door to see a few inches of water on our floor. It seeped all the way through the house to our bedroom. We lost quote a few electronics and obviouslysly our furniture is all water damaged.

Our landlord has no money and is on the brink of foreclosure. We’ve already even seen notices for auction posted in his front door.

We have insurance. My wife has also pictured and cataloged every item we own. Will we be able to get anything from insurance? Should we sue? How screwed are we?

Update: we’ve got an industrial service on the phone for him who said they could be here in 30 mins and he denied it. Thanks for all the help so far. Definitely stressful with me starting school today and my wife having knee surgery in 4 days and will be on bedrest for a month.

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