Landlord Charging Carpet Cleaning Fee Before Move In

So we are about to sign a lease for a place in Wisconsin and along with a $929 cashiers check they are asking for a $150 money order to a carpet cleaning company that I can’t find via google.

Is it standard procedure to have a tenant pay directly to a carpet cleaning company prior to move in and with a money order? I’m pretty sure the carpets are new as well. It just raised some red flags for me. Thanks!

Edit: Heading to the lease signing and we’re gonna raise concerns with them about the money order. I’ll update with the results. Thanks for all of your comments it’s validated my worries.

Edit 2: we gave them the money order and we received a receipt for the payment. This money will be used to clean the carpets once we move out. The lease also stated that the Leasee is responsible for paying for a carpet cleaning upon their move out so it definitely seemed much more legit once we met with the leasing company. We didn’t want to make a huge stink about it because we love the place. Thanks everybody for the advice we feel much better now after everything.

Edit 3: Yeah honestly I think the landlord company is just trying to squeeze more $ out of us. I’m documenting all my payments and I’ll take pics and keep tight records of the place over my stay there. I’ll be damned if I’m paying any carpet charges when I move out. That being said $150 isn’t a dealbreaker for this place. Hopefully the LL doesn’t continue to squeeze us.

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