Kanye West’s ‘Yandhi’ ringtones appear to be a scam, and they’re now gone

Kanye West’s Yandhi briefly appeared online after its release was pushed back multiple times in 2018, but in an unlikely place: as iTunes ringtones. Reddit users discovered the Yandhi ringtone snippets, which linked back to West’s artist page on iTunes, prompting reports from outlets like Vulture and Heavy to speculate that this is how Kanye intended his new project to roll out. Unfortunately, evidence suggests the ringtones are a scam, scraped from leaked copies of the original tracks, with none of the money headed back to West himself. The ringtones were recently removed from iTunes, likely because they were not official.

There has been incredible anticipation around Yandhi, with people going as far as to crowdfund the purchase of song…

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