Just got a very aggressive call from a debt collector trying to collect on a medical bill from when I was a minor in 2011, currently 24. What should I do?

Really, really confused. I was in athletics in HS and went to the doctor a couple times for athletic related injuries, but don’t particularly know what exactly this debt is for? Collection agent said that even if I was a minor during the treatment, now that I’m an adult it’s my financial responsibility. Why wasn’t I contacted right when I turned 18? Why wait this long? Is this a scam? They had my athletic doctor’s name correct so I’m thinking it’s not? Please anyone, I really don’t know what to do. This just happened and really embarrassed me in front of my coworkers.

Update: Situation is being resolved, reached out to an Uncle who’s a lawyer and he’s helping me get this settled out! Thanks everyone for all the tips!

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