Just eliminated two derogatory marks on my credit score

So two years ago I was traveling out of the country for work and missed two car payments which tanked my credit score by a few dozen points. Every other factor was fine though – enough accounts open, 7 year credit history, etc. But I dreaded knowing those 2 marks would be on my score for 5-7 years and the creditor already said they weren’t going to change it unless I could prove it was an error on their part, which is wasn’t. Well two months ago I paid off that car loan in full and when I checked my score today on credit karma, it said I had 0 derogatory marks and my payment history on all of my credit was 100%! My score went from 770 to 800. Didn’t know that paying off a car loan would wipe away those marks. It would have saved me a lot of anxiety knowing there was actually something I could do about the situation. Is this common? Why don’t they make this more clear??

EDIT: I found this under my “Credit Changes” tab on credit karma

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