Job Barrier

We are an immigrant family: My wife and two sons were born in the Philippines. My sons, ages three and four, have been given citizenship; my wife has a permanent resident visa and awaits her chance. She followed our guidelines for her visa, submitting documents from law enforcement in the Philippines attesting to the fact that she has never committed crime or misdemeanor and submitting further to medical examinations and vaccinations that ensure that she is healthy upon entrance to our country.

She is a hotel and restaurant
management graduate of an accredited college in the Philippines but cannot find
a job because she speaks no Spanish. Immigrants who speak Spanish are treated
to free English classes, with free childcare, subsidized by the taxpayer so
that they can get the jobs, including in hotels and restaurants. But as a non-citizen,
my wife pays a high price for Spanish classes or childcare so that she can be
considered for the jobs. If this is not racism, what is it?

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