Is there an organization or company to which I can donate my car for a tax write off. Please don’t make me speak to those kars 4 kids people again

I’ve got a really old car that still runs and I want to donate it. It could be worth more to someone else than I would ever get paid for it.

I called kars 4 kids and spoke to one of the rudest people I’ve had to deal with on the phone. I just called for information and this lady was making demands like I was now obligated to give her/them my car. I’m still getting calls twice a week asking when I’m going to give them my car and not if I want to give them my car.

Nope. I’ll sooner sell it to one of those places offering cash for junk cars than allow those K4K folks to profit off of me. END RANT.

so that aside any ideas of places where a car can be of some help to someone let me know. Thanks.

Btw I’m a Floridian officially but I’m military residing in Virginia currently.

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