Is the commute worth it?

36/M with two job offers. Married with no kids yet.

First job is a very high stress job. Base salary 148.5k with 25k sign on bonus. 10k paid up front and the rest paid over the next two years. 150/hr each day for any work after 8 hours. Great benefits. 6 weeks vacation. Shorter commute but probably heavy traffic in afternoon.

Second job is low stress/laid back. 185k base salary with 5% gross bonus after one year. So basically 10-11k bonus. 100/hr after 8 hours daily. 12 total weeks vacation. Great benefits. Opportunity to work extra during 12 weeks vacation and get paid premium rate during weeks off. Only downside is it’s about an hour commute, all interstate though.

I’ve never really commuted for work but this is a great offer and I’m torn. I like the idea of the low stress job though. Anyone offer any help here?

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