Is it okay to lie about current salary when speaking with other companies?

I’m in the initial phases of potentially looking for a new role and I have a call coming up with a recruiter in a couple of hours. I want to be prepared to address my current salary should it come up and I figure it’s probably pretty common practice to embellish that amount when asked that question.

I’m currently at 62k/yr and looking for quite a big jump in a new role. I’d like to make somewhere around 80k/yr plus. This is factoring in my bonus, salary increase at year end, and pension which I am not fully vested in until next Sept 2020. If I were to leave my current role, it would have to be in the 80k+ range.

Is it okay to say I make 72k/yr? I know it is illegal to share that information so I don’t know how a company would ever figure that out.

Just wanted some thoughts and any other considerations.

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