Iron Chef Trial Continues

A new witness was introduced today at Iron Chef
Lawrence Forgione’s trial, and more new witnesses may be called. Forgione is
being tried for misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter for allegedly striking and
killing longtime Santa Barbara resident Gilbert Ramirez on February 24, 2018,
around 7 p.m. at the crosswalk on the 500 block of State Street. This morning,
Public Works engineer Derrick Bailey testified in court that alterations were
made to the mid-block traffic signal following the collision. The size of the
lights increased from 8 inches to 12 inches, and a reflective yellow border was
added to make the traffic signal more visible. The changes were made after the
Santa Barbara Police Department expressed safety concerns about the crosswalk,
said Bailey.

Forgione had testified
on Monday, April 8, that the traffic light was green when he drove through. He
claimed he was unfamiliar with Santa Barbara and was following his rental car’s
GPS directions to Bank of America when the collision between the vehicle and
Ramirez occurred.

According to court
documents, officers obtained surveillance footage from a nearby restaurant.
“The footage shows the defendant driving north in his vehicle and failing to
stop at the red light signaling the mid-block crosswalk,” read the documents.
“The footage clearly shows Mr. Ramirez crossing in the crosswalk at the same
time the defendant’s vehicle fails to stop for the red light.”

The trial will continue on
Monday when Dr. David Krauss, expert in human perception and accidents will
testify for the defense.

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