In my late 20’s and dying of Cancer, leaving behind my wife and daughter. What do I do?

I really don’t know what to do. I have a shit ton in student loans and medical debt, but that’s all solely in my name, so do I just ignore it? I was going to file for bankruptcy before I found out my cancer was back.

I got a quit-claim deed on my house for my wife so it can be transferred into her name when I pass.

I really don’t have any savings, ad will have a small life insurance policy to cover a funeral and some immediate expenses. I’m trying to brace for impact. I would guess I have about a year or so left. My biggest worry is leaving my wife and daughter with nothing. I am on SSDI right now and pretty much live paycheck to paycheck.

Any help or advice would be more than appriciated.

Edit: in Michigan. Already quit paying medical debt and student loans. Just paying monthly bills/necessities.

Edit 2: if anyone is interested, I have a Blog. I originally didn’t want to blog and thought it was corny, but it’s helped me on my journey.

I get to stay home all day and play with my daughter, so I really couldn’t ask for a better deal with my current hand 🙂

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