I’m not making enough to get by working a job in the medical profession


I am a young women working as a radiologic technologist in the state of Maine, have been for about 2.5 years.

I partly wanted to ask this question because I feel I may be being taken advantage of and I’m looking for some insight how to possibly leverage my pay, as internally I’m a doormat. Also looking for budgeting advice as I’m unable to change my situation any time soon.

I started my job at small hospital about 3 years ago. It was initially as a per diem (as needed), but it was my chosen hospital so I was happy to take it. I worked there concurrent with my job as a tech aide, but they ended up needing me anywhere from 30-36 hours a week so I left my other part time job and focused on this per diem, thinking I’d make it work until a 40 hr position opened up.

I made $26 and hour, and got a raise to $27. With the hours I was getting, this was manageable for me.

When a full time position opened up, I jumped on it. It was a $5 pay cut (for dropping the per diem) but I definitely wanted the consistency. Additionally, my raise did not carry over to the “full time position”. I don’t know if this is standard or not.

So at this point I’m making 21/hr. And concurrently, the hospital has incurred great financial expenses due to a change in clinical systems. Cue me being forced to take a 30 hour “full time” position (up to 36 if needed) or not have the opportunity for a permanent position at all.

I’ve been in this position for a year and gotten a 25 cent raise. I’m working 30-36 hours a week. At very best (36 hrs), I’m making about 31,000 after taxes yearly. This is 40% of the average income for a X-ray tech in my immediate area. (Edited this statistic to 40% to account for before tax takehome)

This blow has been absolutely devastating. My bills alone account for over 50% of my monthly income. Then I still have groceries, medical expenses, gas, etc. I have been quite literally living paycheck to paycheck, paying my rent payments to my significant other who I reside with in installments.

I can’t believe I have worked for this degree to be making nearly the same that I made busting my butt at a gas station and fast food gig.

Last note is that I have tried and failed to find other openings in my area as I live fairly rural. And I cannot uproot because my SO needs to be local for work and my entire family is here as well.

Looking for any input / advice. Thanks

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