I’m not being allowed to make payment on a loan I cosigned

In a past life I cosigned a car loan with my now ex-wife. We got divorced, she was to assume responsibility for the loan.

Fast forward a few years and the loan is almost paid off, down to about $300. I started noticing a few months ago that she was missing the payment deadline, earning some late fees, but ultimately making payments. I called the bank and verified that they wouldn’t report late payments on my credit report unless the late payment was delinquent for 30 days. So I started watching the loan like a hawk, with the intention of stepping in if a payment ever ran the risk of running over that threshold.

Yesterday I saw that it didn’t look like my ex was going to make a payment within that 30 day threshold, so I called up the bank to make a payment and was told that due to a situation they were having with my ex–that they could not disclose with me–they would not accept any payments against the loan!

I’m at a loss of how to proceed. I thought the whole point of cosigning a loan was that I was to be responsible to make payment if the primary loan holder could not, but now they won’t let me, and they said they’re still going to report the loan to my credit for nonpayment.

I’m kicking myself because maybe I should have made payment as soon as it was late, rather than waiting until it was closer to the 30 days, but I didn’t want to do my ex any favors. I have no contact with her, she has purged all her social media over the last couple years and changed her phone number, I don’t even know where she lives, so reaching out to her to figure out what’s going on is going to be a problem.

At this point, having made all the mistakes I’ve made already, how would you proceed in this situation?

Edit: I just spoke to someone at the bank and it turns out my ex’s checking account and savings accounts are in the red, so they won’t let her make payments on her car until she’s rectified that situation. So now I’m climbing the supervisor ladder making my case that this shouldn’t prevent me from satisfying my obligation to the debt, as that was the whole point of having me cosign on the loan to begin with.

Edit2: Thank you, everyone. I finally got someone high enough on the ladder to be authorized to use common sense and they apologized profusely and allowed me to pay off the loan over the phone. I requested they send me a receipt as I don’t trust that this is really done until I have paper saying I’m off the hook, but I feel one step closer.

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