I was told I would never get a raise again if I talked about my pay.

This morning I get a text from my boss saying “I want to make it perfectly clear that if you tell one person what you make I will make sure you are never raise your pay again. There is a reason paychecks come sealed”

I know I have every legal right to talk about my pay with anyone I please but this text has put a horrible taste in my mouth when it come to working for this company.

Update So my boss called be on a separate work matter and after that he asked if I got his previous text I said I had. He stated that it’s in our company hand book that talking about wages is ground for dismissal and I sited some (information confidentiality Act) I don’t recall his exact wording say that this is why pay checks are in sealed envelops. Also he said that he knows that I’m not going anywhere or my girlfriend (we work togther) and he wants to protect those people that are loyal to him and doesn’t want to answer questions regarding pay from other employees. This came about because someone over heard my girlfriend say that she made a dollar more an hour that I do (she was talking to me) it’s running banter between the two of us. (She transferred from a different department in the company and her pay came with her. She had to transfer because the GM (my bosses boss) was eliminating her position to save money) I had to got to work today right after I got the text and don’t want to be here today. Going to take the weekend and look up my options and what possible recourse I have as well as look for a new job ( loyalty should go both ways)

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