I think my dad may be getting scammed/used for money laundering

Over the last 2ish years my father has been receiving money from his “online girlfriend” who lives in Ghana and is supposedly rich. She sent him a picture of her holding obviously photoshopped gold bars (Which I’ve seen). She is in her 30s and my dad is 64, she want my dad to “take care” of her once she moves to the USA (she is also supposedly a US citizen. Multiple times a week money is wired to my dads back accounts and he is asked to send them to various other account using money gram or western union. He is constantly texting her on WhatsApp. He is currently in a lot of debt and is going through selling his business. He owes over 120000 in unpaid taxes. He also has his friends wire money to them. I am unsure about how much of his own money he has sent, but the money his friends are sending is all the money being wired to his account.

Please ask any questions and I’ll be happy to answer them, I am seriously worried for him.

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