I need some advice/support :(

I’m a 23 year old single mother to a 5 year old girl. We live in a 2 bedroom apartment close to her school. Lately I’ve fell onto some financial difficulties and I’ve been unable to afford my rent. I’m falling short of £155 each month due to the problems in hours at work. It’s really difficult to find a part time job working within school hours so changing my job at the moment isn’t an option.

My landlord is becoming impatient (rightly so) since I owe him over £600 now and I’ll be short again this month too. I feel like I’m crying out for help and receiving nothing. I’ve cut back of spending to the point of going hungry (not my child of course)

I’ve been in touch with government housing and I’ve been placed on a “bidding” platform for a house with cheaper rent, but with the points I have 145+ people are in front of me for it.

I’m trying to finish a degree but I can’t seem to focus on anything whilst I’m hunting for money to pay my rent to keep a roof over our heads. My family are unsupportive which makes it all so much worse 🙁 I’m terrified of becoming homeless. What can I do? I haven’t stopped crying all day because I feel I’ve come to a brick wall with options after frantically calling every number possible for a bit of help, I’m falling behind on all my other bills too 🙁

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