I make half as much as most people on here. What am I doing wrong?

I work in a print room at an investment bank. I’ve done pretty well, and have worked my way up to a senior operator position, where I’m in charge of 4 people. I make £25000 a year.

I thought that was pretty good, but when I come on this sub, most people seem to be making upwards of £50000. This completely baffles me. My career trajectory for the next 5 years would be to get promoted twice up to an office manager, where I would be in charge of 2 whole departments; but I’d still only be making £40000. It doesn’t sound like most of you have that level of responsibility to still be making much more money.

Clearly I have missed something with what is considered a good job. So my question is simply this: What on earth do you guys all do for a living, and how can I get myself to the position of being able to do that?

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