I found $800 worth of bonds issued to me, any idea what to do with them?

While I was going through my dads stuff a few years ago, (2016 ish) i found $800 worth of bonds issued to me between the years of 1997-2002. I put them back and found them again. Im now 22, so the oldest are the same age. Theyre 30 year bonds, i thought they were 20, and could cash most of them, but alas. According to the National Treasury’s bond calculator on their website, theyre all over their face value by a couple dollars. I have some questions about them.

  1. Should i really bother waiting 8 years to cash these things if theyre already over their face value? I dont necessarily want to cash them now, but could I wait a few years and cash them then? I could probably use them towards a security deposit an apartment or something.

  2. How do you even cash them to begin with?

Thanks in advance for any help 🙂

Edit: more info: Okay so i looked into the link u/m300300 posted. They have variable interest rates, so the original interest rates were close to 6%, but is now in the 2-3% range. That would explain that. It also explained that they reach at least their face value at about 20 years but continue earning interest until 30 years.

Second edit: crediting user who posted the link

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