I feel like my job is becoming less worth it each year

Here is the problem I’m having with my job. I like working here, but every year my responsibility level goes up and up. 5 years ago when I started, the job was busy but pretty good. However, now I’m the lead on projects, with people working under me, interfacing with customers, travelling internationally, solving problems on the floor, and reporting directly to senior management. The stress and the work have really ramped up in intensity with each passing year. The more senior you get, the worse it gets.

Meanwhile, our compensation increases by 4-4.5% annually depending on a number of factors. It is always within this range until it caps after you reach the ceiling for the role. With inflation being around 2% annually, the real growth in compensation is about 2-2.5% annually. After 5 years, I am making about 23% more than my starting salary.

It really doesn’t feel worth it anymore. During my last annual review I tried to ask for a larger increase, but was told that it simply doesn’t happen. I have actually been thinking about leaving. If I can’t find a higher paying role, would it be a reasonable thing to do to look for a lesser paying role with less stress and responsibility?

Edit : Wow! Thanks everybody for sharing advice and experience. I’ll be reading through the best I can. Didn’t expect this to blow up. I hope this thread is helpful to others in my shoes right now too.

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