I am failing out of nursing school and my parents are asking me to pay it back. How do I move forward with no help?

Everything has started to go down hill since fall of 2016 and I’m hitting rock bottom. I am failing out of nursing school. Failed a nursing class last semester and retook it in the summer [usually they do not offer same yr retakes, but offered it during the off season] and it cost me 2k. My parents have been paying for school under the requirements that I do well. Since I did not do well, I paid for it. I wrote a check and took the class, passing with a B+. I have suddenly found myself in the same situation. I am failing both nursing classes now [C+ in both, I need B- to continue]. I can retake one, so now I have to leave my school. My parents told me I have to pay them back for the semester [~14k]. I have 12k to my name that I have saved by working a lot since 15 years old. They will not pay for future semesters at the school I will be transferring to. This school accepts previous dismissals from other schools, but I have to add a year. So, right now I am a junior, I will be in school for an additional year at this institution. However, I cannot get financial aid because my parents make over 200k combined. And like I said, they refuse to pay for it. My boyfriend helps me financially every once in a while, but I anticipate him leaving me because my new school will be around 2 hours away from him. This is really really hard for me. I’m disappointing my parents, my boyfriend will be leaving me, I am leaving my friends, I can’t pay for school, and I am soon to be in debt. How do I move forward? Do I take out loans? I don’t believe I can get financial aid due to my parents income. How do I do this?

EDIT: I have no job currently, no car, and I think my parents would charge rent if I decided to stay home. I have no credit, no credit cards, or any debt in general so far.

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