As Dorian threatens real destruction, Trump pushes a fantasy forecast

President Trump Receives Briefing On Hurricane Dorian At White House

Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

After badly battering the Bahamas, Hurricane Dorian is making its way up the Atlantic coast of the US — but President Trump is still inexplicably calling attention inland to Alabama, a state that is nowhere near the hurricane’s current path. On September 4th, he tweeted a video of himself with a doctored National Hurricane Center map in hand, saying Dorian “could’ve, uh, was going towards the Gulf.” Trump pointed to what looked like a bubble drawn over Alabama in black sharpie to indicate that the state had at one point been in the path of the storm.

It was not. Although the trajectory of the storm shifted rapidly over the past week, the National Hurricane Center never released a forecast showing that chunk of Alabama in danger of being…

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