HSA’s not given a lot of love as a tax advantaged savings option.

Almost no one mentions contributing to their HSA as opposed to 401k, which is also a tax advantaged account. Many HSA’s allow you to invest in mutual funds once you have a balance of over $1,000 or so. You don’t lose out on the stock market gains. Plus you have access to your funds for any qualified medical expenses at any time. You don’t have to wait until you are old to use it.

Another benefit is since it is tax advantaged you can use it dollar for dollar for medical expenses. If you had a $10,000 medical expenses and you pulled money from your HSA you would only need to get $10,000 out. If you had to pull it out of your 401k you would need to withdraw at least $11,500 to cover taxes. Even more if you have to pay an early withdrawal penalty.

So check out your HSA benefits program. This is a very nice gem that I don’t see mentioned that often.

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