How/Where to Invest in First World If You’re a Citizen of a Third World Country?

I’ve been browsing this sub for some time now, reading posts and links from sidebar. Naturally, guidelines and advises are US-centric (401k, etc.) which makes sense.

I would – kindly – like to ask for a guidance when it comes to my particular situation. I come from one of the most backwards Eastern European countries. I’ve been working abroad for some 10 years or so now. I have readily available US$ 50k available at the moment that I would like to invest (it’s been laying around for months and that is bothering me a lot). This should grow to approx. US$ 100k before the end of the year, but as windfall sidebar links says I’m not counting on it until I have it in my hands. I don’t know how much money is this when it comes to investing, i.e. a lot or pocket change but this is what I have to start with.

So my main problem is my citizenship and the limitations related to it – exposure and access to mature investment markets (my country is outside of any reasonable international financial flows).

A couple of points/decisions I think are important for this:

  1. I’m not saving for retirement. I expect to work until I die just like the rest of my generation.

  2. For various reasons I am inept to run my own business.

  3. My money is not on an account in my home country but rather in a foreign bank with wide/global presence, so there is some transfer mobility.

  4. I’m not looking to invest by buying something with this money (as in invest into paying down-payment for a house, etc.)

  5. I have some time to let this money lay down and do the work, I don’t need it back too quickly.

  6. All my earnings are strictly legal and the history/records of earnings is readily available for any sort of audit.

So, my questions would be what would you recommend as an investment opportunity as in international options that are friendly for people with third world country citizenship like myself? Is there a type of fund, trust, etc. that works with these kind of cases? I was eyeing an opportunity in US where my sister currently works on an appropriate visa. Apparently, her visa/legal residence and her being in the system, having SSN, insurances, etc. is sufficient to make an investment based on this particular company’s T&C but I’m not sure if it’s that simple.

My apologies if I asked something that was discussed – I wasn’t able to find it.

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