How much is the total cost of sending your kids to public school?

Right now I’m paying about $13,000/yr for daycare. I tell people that once the kids are old enough to go to public school I won’t know what to do with the extra $1,000 per month (post tax). Then they always tell me “oh, buddy. It doesn’t get easier. You’ve got books and uniforms and lunches to pay yada yada”. I drop it after that.

But so. many. people. say the exact same thing. In my head I think, “no way are schools lunches and uniforms $1,000 per month!”

Does anybody here (who actually budgets unlike my friends) have real numbers to give me?

Edit: KY, USA

Edit Edit: Every school here has uniforms. Or maybe “dress code” to some of you. Usually slacks either khaki or blue with either white, blue, or red 3-button polo.

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