How do I convince my mom to not be tricked by a house flipping scam?

So my mom and dad want to spend $20k on a house flipping training program: My parents are retirement age, currently unemployed, renting ($2k/mo, cheap in SoCal) and has $X0k in savings. She has a real estate license and has sold a few houses over the years, so I think she feels somewhat more knowledgeable than the average joe.

My googling reveals that although the seminars and classes themselves are real (though questionable in practical value), it appears to be a way to sucker people into borrowing programs to fund home purchases.

I’ve tried to convince my mom that this is a shady sounding business and worried they’ll blast thru all of their savings. My siblings and I are willing to help support their monthly expenses, find them a home to save money or invest in a property together. It seems to be a matter of pride that she wants to feel productive, successful and not reliant on us. I understand her desire but ironically, odds are that she’ll fail and make things worse

Any suggestions on how to convince her to save her money and channel her efforts elsewhere? Thanks!!!

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