How can i best prepare to lose my job in 5 months?

I’ll be losing my job in 5 months due to corporate cuts in our finance department. I still have a review to see if I’m an essential staff but how things were sounding, I’d lose my job in about 5 months. I currently make 60K a year and finish my bachelor’s in Accounting in December.

How best can I prepare for this in the next 5 months aside from what I plan on doing? I’m currently paying off my student loans with a $1k emergency fund so I figure I’m gonna cut back on those a bit and build up my e-fund for the worse case scenario.

I’ve started looking for a new job already and have lunches planned with a few people in and out of network to gain some more connections and possibly line up another job.

Is there anything else I can do to best prepare for this situation or take advantage of what I have now?

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