How to Make Use of Quarantine to Clean Your House

Quarantine to Clean Your House

A novel corona virus continues to spread, more and more in all space. People are looking for ways to disinfect their living areas. Being hygienic is not only depends on be clean yourself, but it also means to clean your living areas too.

It’s always a good idea to wash your hands thoroughly and avoid close contact with others who have the symptoms, but there are other thing you want to do is deep- clean your home. Due to our busy schedule, we make an annual planner to clean our home.

Cleaning home with steam cleaners protects home from virus and bacteria in the floor. But this time it is quite emergent to keep your home clean from those diseases causing germs.

An article from National Public Radio (NPR) states that the virus can survive on surfaces such as plastic and stainless steel for 72 hours, and cardboard and wooden parts for 24 hours. Therefore, it’s important to protect your home and its occupants during a self- quarantine time. Here are some interesting tips to help you for clean your home during this quarantine time.

Make a to-do list, then schedule it:

When you started to work without an agenda, then you’re really overwhelmed by thinking all things which needed to be clean. And the step by step cleaning procedure makes your home to clean completely without forfeiting out of any areas. The best schedule is like a point of where to start with and which parts to be cleaned up on a weekday basis. There are some houses cleaning scheduled apps also available in play store which like Tick Tick, Tody, cleaning checklist and clean my house etc. Some of them are paid and some are freely available too. It’s supported with both on your desktop and android. You can also split different chores into different days:

  • Monday- Dusting completely.
  • Tuesday- vacuuming day.
  • Wednesday- washing your floor.
  • Thursday- little relax and catch up on anything you left on the previous day.
  • Friday- bathroom
  • Saturday- sheets, screens and towels day.
  • Sunday- Fun-day and keep that basic starter tasks.

2. Try to use natural disinfect cleaner than the chemical one:

It is always good to use your own DIY disinfectant cleaner. The chemical content floor cleaner may create a good aroma, but it does not clear germs entirely. The hereditary thing is always the right option and more effective. Neem, turmeric, lime and baking soda are some of the products which naturally available to use and act as a germ protector too. This is our ancient hereditary method of cleaning.

3. Clean your electronics too:

We are in the digital world, which supposed to surround by many gadgets like television, tablets, laptops and smart things etc. Phones and laptops are what the CDC calls “high touch surface”, so it is necessary to clean them. You can clean this with right disinfectant or you can also use a UV sanitation device.

4. Change a lazy time as  fun one:

Cleaning household chores are always a lethargic thing. But doing with your family members make it fun and easy. It also saves your time. Working together with your partner and kids are a great opportunity to teach them how to be clean?. With this work, the kids learn many things about maintaining the house cleanly.

5. Make space for ventilation:

Just cleaning is not enough, make it sure that you organize things in the right place. This organization supports to get more vacuum and open windows can bring good outside air for ventilation. Breathing an open-air is always good for your respiratory system, and relaxes your mind too. So be sure with getting good ventilation support.

Because of this virus, things will get more difficult in the days and weeks to come. But nothing is possible with our supports concurrently. These quarantine days also have some positive sides like having a good time with our loved ones, improving our skills and cleaning our living regions. Also see how make your home healthier place by Mippin. The quarantine time not supposed to be alone; it states that“unity from the heart and isolate from the body”. Be aware of the things, which happen around you. Staying home is just not for our safety, it also supports to break the chain of spreading virus. So, “BE IN HOME, BE HYGIENIC AND BE HAPPY!”.

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