How Apps Helped to Revolutionize the Modern World


Mobile apps have helped to revolutionize the way we live. From ordering groceries online, banking on the go, to meeting specific people from across the world, there really is an app for anything. Because of the accelerated speed at which we can do things, the world has changed considerably. In this post, we take a look at five areas of our lives that have been changed for the better as a result of apps.

1) Stock Market

More and more people have been gravitating towards the stock market because of the ease of use that investment apps provide. Younger people, in particular, are investing in the stock market at numbers that have never been seen before because certain apps provide them with the information they need to better understand the stock market, such as learning about a company with insider stock buying, for instance.

Besides that, most people don’t really have that much to invest. Many of these types of apps help younger investors by allowing them to purchase fractions of a share. Many financial experts have noted that mobile apps are helping to democratize the stock market because it has been making the stock market accessible to individuals with low income.

2) Simplification of Day-To-Day Tasks

When you think of your day-to-day tasks, it may not seem like apps have made an impact, but the reality is they have help to make daily tasks easier and more convenient. Tasks such as refilling a prescription, getting groceries, buying movie tickets, and depositing paychecks have become much more easier and convenient as a result of apps.

These types of apps have helped to eliminate the need of going to the bank or store. Instead, you can literally spend five minutes accomplishing tasks that used to take hours. This has helped to save people time so that they can spend it doing things they actually enjoy. Based on the fact that we spend a vast majority of our waking hours at work, anything that helps to make doing chores easier is something that can have a significant impact on our quality of life and overall happiness.

3) Health

The health industry has been changed forever as a result of mobile health apps. As it stands, there are over 300,000 health apps and another 200 get added every day. These health apps can be broken down into three primary categories:

  • Telemedicine – Provides virtual care by licensed doctors
  • Wellness and General Health Apps – Consist of apps that help to track nutrition, track sleep patterns, aids in stress management techniques, count the number of steps we make, and count calories.
  • Health Management Apps – Helps to monitor health conditions such as pregnancy, mental health, diabetes, and heart diseases. They also helped to track medication use as well as to send doctors concerning data about a patient such as a high sugar and blood pressure rate.

4) Shopping

Shopping-based apps have helped people in numerous ways. They can be used to save time, money, and to receive alerts about deals that you may be interested in. There are also shopping apps that feature a visual search engine. By using this engine, users upload a picture of an item as to which they can get information about the best places to buy said item. Other apps allow you to scan the barcode at any time to see if you’re really getting the best deal at the store where you captured the barcode.

In addition to that, digital wallets have helped to improve security while shopping by masking your real credit card information. There are several other shipping apps that let you scan your receipts to wish you can get cash back for purchasing certain items.

5) Instant Communication

With the introduction of mobile apps, video chatting, social networking, and messaging have never been easier. Apps help us to connect to people from across the world at a much more cost-effective rate than using international calling services. This has proven to be especially useful during the pandemic where people have to social distance themselves and avoid large gatherings.

6) Education

Educational apps have been giving disabled children the opportunity to learn more effectively than they would in a traditional environment. For instance, there are apps that primarily focus on assisting dyslexic children to read as well as helping autistic children to improve their social skills.

Statistics also show that educational apps help to improve the performance of students in general. Experts believe that educational apps help to keep children engaged with the content that’s being presented to them. As such, they are able to retain more information through an educational app, as opposed to a chalkboard.

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