Gym sold my bank account to another gym, $500 charge

Hello, I woke up this morning to two separate charges that add up to $490 to my checking account. It was to, let’s call it Gym A. I’m not a member there, had to look it up to even locate it. It’s in my town.

I call bank first thing to dispute the charge and freeze account for fraudulent activity. Since it is a bank draft I need to go to the branch to shut down that account to prevent future withdrawals.

I got suspicious and tried calling my gym that I still pay a monthly 11 dollars membership to see if they are affiliated with Gym A. Turns out they went out of business (like I said, I hadn’t been there in awhile). I called another branch of my gym and asked if they were affiliated with Gym A. The guy tells me that the other branch sent their members to Gym A after they went out of business. However the charge this morning was roughly 5x what I was paying in a year!

My question is, should I go to Gym A to try to resolve this or just let the bank make me a new checking account. A complicating factor is I get paid on Friday via direct deposit and this may be too close to change accounts without disrupting my cash flow. I feel like Gym A acted in a fraudulent manner and that my gym had no right to sell my account, especially my bank account to another gym.

Advice please?

Edit: If people haven’t seen my reply below, here’s the gist. I called the Gym that sent the charges. Talked to the manager, he looked up my info was very apologetic. Their system charged me for the last 9 months plus 25 bucks a month late fees. Whether this is true or BS, I don’t know. However he said he put in a refund today which should process tomorrow morning. I cancelled my Stop on the original amount which apparently holds up the refund process. Tomorrow morning I should wake up to a refund. I’ll update tomorrow.

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