Got money from my Dad’s Social Security Payout, his wife is claiming I owe her part of my payout.

Hey all, sorry for any formatting and/or etiquette errors, this is my first serious post to reddit. Also, I apologize in advance for anything I use the wrong term for, as I’m not super versed in any of this. If there’s any info missing, let me know and I can add it.

So about four or five years back, my dad got hit by a drunk driver, and was seriously injured. He spent over a year in the hospital, and lost his long time career. At the time, he was the only one working in the household. He pulled through and made it out alive, but suffered a major loss to his quality of life.

At the start of the summer, the household (Me, my dad, his wife, and my two younger siblings) had a meeting with my state’s social security office, on the payouts we were entitled to. This was news to me, as no one had told me that that was a thing. At the meeting, we were told that there was a cap to the total payout and a separate cap to the individual payout. I gave the office my bank info so they could direct deposit it to me, and my dad and his wife did the same for their kids and themselves.

Last week, I got a call from my dad, and shortly after that, a chunk of change deposited to my primary account. I thought that was that. Now I’m getting texts and calls from his wife, saying that because of her getting a job as a school teacher, she made too much and didn’t get anything from it, and that she needs the money. She never told me what for, but she’s never been big on explaining her reasoning to me.

The only reason I haven’t told her no yet is because I live with my grandparents on my dads side, but if they happen to agree with her they can make life difficult, as I rely on them for rides.

I just started college, and am in the process of making plans to live on my own by the end of the school year, so this money will be really useful down the road, but as of right now I’m just sitting on it. Back when I was still in high school and under 18, I had a joint bank account with my dad’s wife. While I was working and saving up, she would often use the money from my account to go out for drinks with her friends, order new shoes, stuff like that, nickel and diming away my money. My main concern is that she just sees me as a way to get some fast cash to blow on another out of state vacation.

Update: Called my dad at the advice of u/kbc87, and found out that 1: She never talked to him about asking me for money, and 2: She actually did get a payout! And one that is almost ten times mine! With this new in mind, I’m going to politely tell her no next time she asks, and if she keeps it up I’ll tell her to fuck off and that if she tries to get it through some other means I will report it as attempted theft of social security benefits.

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