Got Drought?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Although I
understand people love to eat hamburgers, the realities of the unfolding
climate crisis might discourage everyone from doing so. Eating one hamburger
takes what should be an illegal amount of water to produce. It’s not hard to
change habits, especially when you have knowledge. Take a look at this
wonderful billboard Karen Fiorito has created to illustrate these facts:

Photo: Karen Fiorito

One solution to the climate crisis is to give local organic a permanent
farmers market location — and the old Sears building is an ideal location! The
facility would be a community gift to the farmers (and ourselves) so we could
have the easiest, cheapest access to local organic produce, which we must make
our primary food source. The parking is ideal and the opportunities to develop
a local, green economy are endless. There is space for food stalls and a
community center too.

Transitioning to a new green economy takes creativity and
courage — we can all make America great again by making America green again!
Meet-up to happen soon.

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