Play baseball with your food in a new July Fourth Google Doodle

I don’t think of myself as a competitive person, but give me a video game, and it’s like I’m in an Olympic final and I’m not going home without a gold medal. Today’s video game happens to be a Google Doodle baseball game where your opponents are peanuts, your entire team is made of food, and, whoops, I just cussed out a pie.

Anyway. In honor of July Fourth, there’s a new Google Doodle where you simply click to swing the bat as a peanut slings a baseball at you. It’s as easy as that. Your team rotates from classic American foods like burgers and hot dogs to celery and… cherries? Occasionally, you also get left-handed players like lettuce and lemonade.

The peanuts don’t make a big attempt to get you out as long as you hit…

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