Girlfriends mother was recently diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, with bleak outlook. And today her house burnt down and homeowners insurance was cancelled. I don’t even know where to begin. Looking for any direction to help her and her family out.

As the title says. Send me pms, anything you know that could help us out here. We live in Michigan if state laws matter.

If you can think of other subreddits to crosspost this in for other good information please let me know.

I’ll update everything we learn from here on out. We just got the call and know little information and we live an hour away.

Serious thank you in advance, if this gets a lot of comments that I don’t have time to respond to.

Edit #1 Homeowners insurance cancelled due to repairs needing to be done and trees needing to be cut down. Repairs weren’t done due to possible negligence? Not very sure, but that’s the rough details. Trying to get the information out of her mother is nigh impossible. As soon as I find out exact details I’ll update again.

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