GF is selling her dress for $100, gets a check for $1,980, scam?

My girlfriend is selling an old prom dress for $100, she got a call from what seemed like a nice older woman, who wanted to buy it, but she needed her to hold it for her until this weekend, in exchange she said she would pay an extra $70. The woman said she would have some relatives coming into town to pick up the dress. So far so good.

Then today my gf got a check from the woman for $1,980, much more than the agreed $170. The dress itself was bought new for $400. I wondered if the woman mistakenly added another zero. So we called the woman and sent her a picture of the check asking if the check was correct. The woman said that it was correct and she wanted to give her a little extra for her trouble. We haven’t even given her the dress yet.

I think the woman still could have made a mistake and still hasn’t noticed. Or maybe the check will bounce, but then why did she send the check before she got the dress?

My gf thinks that woman’s “relatives” could come to kidnap her.

My mom thinks we should cash the check at a check city so that we can get it in cash without any bank information being involved.

Is this some sort of scam?

EDIT: We called her back and she said $1,800 is for the movers, aka family members that are picking up the dress.

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