Getting lazy at work with money saved up

I am a 30 year old single man, and have been working in my field (IT) for about five years. I have decent salary, combined with the low cost of living and having my own place, allowed me to not spend all that much money and still do stuff that I like. Last couple of months I noticed that my savings have grown to about my 5 years expenses.

Now I like what I do, but as most people I don’t like 9-5 and not having any time for myself. Also, the nature of my work is that you have to be focused most of the time, and sometimes the task is not so clear and straightforward, for example dealing with an old project etc. I noticed that I started slacking off more, and caught myself thinking “I don’t really care, I wont get fired for this without any warnings before, and even then I will be able to chill for a while and look for a job”

All my reviews so far were positive, and nobody has complained yet, but I am a bit afraid that this line of thinking is dangerous for my long term plans.

Have anyone else experienced this thinking and how have you dealt with it?

EDIT: Sorry for not being clear, about half of that money is invested, and some is in my bank account while I decide how to invest it

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