Getting all your tax docs ready? Think about which software to file with.

A fast story; for a long time, I used HR block online to file taxes.

Last year, they pulled some shenanigans (always, right at the end of the process), saying because of my income bracket, I had to pay $30 to file state, and $30 to to claim student loan interest. I paid it, and was pissed. They lost a customer that year.

This year, I tried Turbo Tax. Again, same BS. Despite thousands of online ads that its free to file, they tried to charge $80 after I was done.

I had read here that someone actually used Credit Karma to file, so before I hit submit with TurboTax, I gave it a go. Credit Karma had the exact same refund (down to the dollar) as turbo tax, and it was free to file. Just saved $80.

For what its worth, I actually found TurboTax a much simpler, easier experience, but for the 45 extra minutes I spent on Credit Karma, it was worth the $80 saved.

Edit: my AGI was about $140K, and I am in MI

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