Friends wife overdosed and is in a coma. Underprepared and has no guidance. Please help.

Thank you in advance to anyone that takes time to read and respond. I’ve browsed this sub for years and am always surprised at the amount of good people that take time to help and advise others. I could really use some of the same love from this sub today.

My friends wife tried committing suicide via overdose early this week. She had a stroke, is now in a coma, and has been in the ICU all week. She is unresponsive to reflex tests, and though they’re still working through options, it doesn’t look like she’s going to make a recovery.

My friend is a contractor. His wife did not work. While he takes home decent money, he doesn’t have health insurance, life insurance, a will, etc. I’m not even sure he owns a credit card — he’s a ‘cash in a rubber band’ kind of guy. He has very little friends or family. Emotional support aside, he doesn’t have anyone to help guide and coach him through the financial and legal hurdles on the horizon.

He’s leaning on me to help him better understand his options legally and financially, what kind of resources are available through the hospital or the government, what he can do proactively, and what some of the next steps are should they decide to pull the plug on her life support.

I’m sure there are more qualifying questions you’d all need to know to assess the situation better… but I haven’t experienced anything like this, so I’m not sure what they are. Please ask anything and I’ll get an answer.

I appreciate any and all help guys.

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