Former apartment management sends me a bogus bill. What do I do?

So my former apartment management has sent me a bill for carpet cleaning and professional cleaning. I can understand the professional cleaning although I left the place spotless it could just be protocol. However, the carpet cleaning is bullshit because I left the brand new carpet in brand new condition. It was just me without any animals, I am positive that the carpet was flawless. How should I proceed?

Edit: As of right now, whenever the manager quits avoiding my calls, I am going to request photos of the “mess” I left as well as receipts of the services completed. I will ask why these charges weren’t deducted from my deposit as well as check my lease to see if the carpet cleaning was contractual. Thanks guys.

Edit: great news, after requesting photos and receipts of the work done, the $95 cleaning fee was promptly dismissed. It turns out the $55 carpet cleaning is part of the lease agreement so I’ll take that hit, but I consider this a win! Thanks for your input!!

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