Bon Iver owns a Tesla called ‘John Teshla’


Pitchfork published a terrific profile of Justin Vernon, aka Bon Iver, aka the guy who writes songs so mournful that he turned a generation of sad boys into sad men. Jeremy D. Larson’s piece is rich with details about the Eau Claire County crooner, but the best one is in the first sentence:

“Justin Vernon lights a blunt as he charges his Tesla, which is affectionately named John Teshla.”

It’s hilarious imagining that the man, famous for writing sad tunes alone in the woods, drives the automobile preferred by Jake Paul. But it’s even better that he’s named it after a pun on everyone’s favorite former Entertainment Tonight host and composer of the best sports theme song.

While we’re talking about Bon Iver, I’ve actually been thinking a lot…

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