Florida ‘No Surprises’ Law.

Just thought I’d share this as I sometimes see health insurance issues here.

I got a bill from a medical test that was taken in a doctors office that was IN NETWORK. A year later I got a bill for the test that they had sent out to a company in California that was not in network.

I was about to just write a check and be done with it and decided to call and pay with my rewards credit card so it wasn’t a total loss. I complained about the bill to the customer service rep I got and she said ‘let me put you on hold because Florida has a No Surprises law’. While on hold I googled it and it passed in 2016.

Since it was out of network but from an in network dr/issue the bill was zeroed out and I don’t have to pay it.

It was nuts. From a $400 bill to nothing and had I not called I would have been out $.

There may be other states with this law so check before you pay.

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