YouTube’s favorite Fiverr actor is banned from the service

Voiceover Pete in one of Grandayy’s videos.

Actors on online freelance marketplace Fiverr aren’t exactly household names, but one man has become a bit of a celebrity on YouTube for his spokesperson-like abilities. VoiceoverPete, otherwise known as Presenter Pete Ace, is one of Fiverr’s most popular users, but a recent ban for suspicious behavior has resulted in YouTube’s meme community coming out to support him.

Grandayy, one of YouTube’s most prolific meme creators, was the first to raise awareness regarding Pete’s ban. Grandayy tweeted about receiving a refund after trying to hire Pete for another video, including a screenshot of a message sent to him stating that “voiceoverpete” was no longer available on the marketplace.

An email sent to Pete from Fiverr’s Trust and Safety…

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