Fidelity just blocked access to my account (401k and Cash Management) because of “Fraud”, and they say I can no longer do business with them. Anyone have experience with this?

I’ve had a workplace 401k with them for a year and just opened a cash management account and savings a couple weeks ago because of some promotion they ran, and all I’ve done since was deposit $100 and $5000 into the accounts. Has anyone had any experience with this before? I was told to contact my jobs HR department to work out the 401k, that there is no information they can tell me, and to fax or mail in a scan of my drivers license and bank statement from my main bank to them.

I can’t login, customer support cant tell me anything. I just want my money back but I was really excited to use Fidelity to keep the majority of my savings.

If anyone can help me with what to be expecting or if theres anywhere I can go for more information, that’d be great, thanks!

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