Everyone talks about 20% downpayment for a house as a goal, but what about average cost of moving, furniture, and first few months expenses. Any perspective or thoughts on that?

My fiancé [27F] and I [29M] are saving for a house in the $400,000 range. We’re getting married in Nov and then after the holidays plan to be actively on the market so ideally we’ll be in a new home in about a year or so around April 2020. We have $22,000 saved up currently and based on my budgeting calculations we’ll be able to save up to about $60,000 for the downpayment (I’m fine with it not being the ideal 20%).

With $60,000 being for the downpayment I’m trying to make an inventory for things to consider that will require money that isn’t the downpayment and trying to make some soft-saving goals to anticipate them.

Anyone have thoughts on things to think about and to save for?

My financial background is

Salary: 135k from me, fiancé just quit her job but will probably land another one in the upcoming month around 50-60k. I get a few extra thousand quarterly from some side hustles I have which also plan on scaling up throughout the year to hopefully make an additional 5k monthly.

No credit debt, but have a car loan with 13k at 0% currently. I have about 9k student loans left, fiancé has 17 k left.

Square footage of house will be about 2,300 or so.

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