Entire company salary disclosure

I had to review a report at work yesterday and needed an employee list from HR. I requested a report with employee names, department, and manager. HR sent me an Excel spreadsheet back with those three fields as the headers for three columns.

So I highlighted those fields and copied and pasted them into another Excel doc I needed to cross reference that info with.

Suddenly, there were several more columns visible… I looked back at the original and I realized that most of the columns from the HR report had been hidden. In the other doc, I realized that I had paycheck amounts and annual salaries listed for EVERYONE IN THE COMPANY, among other information. This is over 800 people.

I was a little disappointed about where I fell in the grand scheme of things and I was a little surprised about what some higher-ups make that I work with regularly. And that being said, I intend on asking for a raise in the coming weeks.

Obviously, I will not reveal that I’ve seen this report or try to leverage it directly in my salary negotiation (if it even gets to that point) but I’m wondering if anyone has a suggestion of a way to use this information to my advantage.

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