Employer won’t give me my W-2, even though I’m a full time employee

I work at a bar where my employer pays everyone cash. I’ve never seen a paycheck in the past two years I’ve worked there, but I did fill out a w4 when I started and emailed it to them. When I mentioned getting my W-2, my employer said she didn’t put me on payroll, she’s just putting me on 1099. What does that mean? I need to do my taxes for Obama Care and report an income.

I never got a W-2 in my first year but I let it slide because she said she just forgot to put me in and promised to put me in for this year. It was a mistake but I really need to do my taxes this year. What legal action can I take against her? I’m the main bartender there working over 40hrs a week and she refuses to give me a w2

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