Elderly Grandmother wrecked vehicle while charged off.

Good morning all, I’m seeking advice for my Grandmother “in law”.

My Grandmother was involved in a two vehicle accident and the other driver was in fault. My Grandmother only had liability insurance but since the other driver was found in fault, his insurance is responsible.

This should be simple and sweet, but ofcourse here’s the kicker 🤦🏻‍♂️

When I asked for her car title she told me she never had one, after doing some digging I found out that My Grandmother’s vehicle has been written off since 2013!!!!! and once I reviewed her credit report, the report states that it has been sent to collections and vehicle has been “charged off”.

I basically told her (in the nicest way possible) that shes been driving a stolen vehicle for 6 years but she claims her son ( my brother in law) was paying for the vehicle.

Her vehicle has been ruled a “total loss”. Will the insurance company send the check (ACV) directly to the bank, collection agency, or her?

I was always under the impression that if you missed a car payment they repossessed it???? I’m not really sure what a “charged off” means.

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